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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
i was at a craniosacral therapy class this weekend and we were discussing its benefits for a number of conditions in children. Autism was one of them and i know there are a few on here who mentioned having autistic children. anyway, one of the things they were mentioning was autistic kids and their sense of touch, not wanting to be touched, not liking to touch certain textures, etc.

so there is something called "sensory integration therapy" i really don't know what it entails, i didn't have a lot of time to look into it, but i thought i'd pass this along as something to check into. i believe its something that physical therapists or occupational therapists often specialize in.

and one other thing to look into is craniosacral therapy. here are some articles written by the intructor i had last weekend.
there is an article on autism as well as one on ADD/ADHD.

any questions about craniosacral therapy, i'll try to help answer them!
My youngest daughter has PDD-NOS which is a form of autism, but luckily we did early intervention with her and did a lot with touch! So now she doesn't mind it most of the time. There are times when she just doesn't want to be touched but over-all most of the time she is ok with it now. We did deep muscle massages all over the body several times a day as well as using things to touch her body that had different textures.

I'm going to have my middle son tested (checked) for asperger's syndrome because he has sensory issues. But he doesn't mind people touching him but he hates being in his own skin and has more issues with other things touching him that are not a person's hands. Like clothes...... But what calms him is rubbing the satin binding together on the baby quilt I made him. He is very much attached to that blanket just because of the satin binding. And he might only rub it together for a few seconds but he has to reach out and rub the two pieces together way to often. I should also mention that my son also has severe ADHD as well and many sensory issues as well as problem with fine motor skills and large motor skills as well.

Going to check out your link!!!

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