Anyone work in social/community services??

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Jan 10, 2008
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DeLand, FL
just applied for like 50 jobs online for different social service and community service companies...keeping my fingers crossed that I get at least a few calls back for them, Id really like to start a career in a positive field, I dont want to just tread water in a job to make money...I want to make a difference!!

Was just wondering if anyone was working in such a sector currently that could possibly send some advice my way about getting into the field.

i intend to go to grad school for an MSW when I save some $$$, currently I hold a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.

Wish me luck!!!
not much you can do with a BS in pysch. mostly jobs like case worker for various agencies. i am sure FL and everywhere else has the same problem here in PA, always looking for caseworkers for child/youth services.

and the advice given to me that i of course ignored is....take the job at the coffee shop until you can find what you want, don't put yourself into debt holding out for the perfect job.

and murphy's law of job hunting....when you need a job you can't find one and your desperation will work against you. if you have a job, a million jobs will start to fall in your lap.

having a job that can support you will give you the time to find a job that you love instead of forcing you into one that is almost what you love, but not quite.

i speak from job hunting hell experience....
yeah thats mostly what ive heard, a B.S. in Psych isnt worth diddley unless you go to grad school (which i wont for psych...prob for social work)

I dont think Id mind being a caseworker for the time being, Im just trying to not get back into the restaurant industry...I would rather do anything else in the whole world including shovel elephant crap at a zoo... lol... seriously!

Im hoping that one of the jobs that ive applied to will respond in the next week or so, until then i plan on trying to work with Snelling (a temp employment agency) and seeing what happens from there, I really want to help people in life and make a positive impact...but like you said, you cant go into debt looking for that one perfect job (which i sort of am right now, but thank god my fam always has work in case of an emergency..which is why i flew to make some extra $$...Im good now for another month on bills, so I need to get a job by like the 15th of this month, we shall see :)

like i said wish me luck !!! :D Im trying to keep a positive mindset about it but its sometimes hard and I get a little down because I apply for so many and so few call back due to economy, or just not having the qualifications for the job...pretty much every job ive interviewed for ive been offered, so if i can secure at least one interview im confident im good...but its getting the call back that is important!

hehe the murphy's law of job hunting...sooooooo true!!f
Ian, Just remember that no matter WHAT you do, you cn make a positive impact on those around you....

Although I'm currently learning how to make a living making soap Right now I'm paying the mortgage by being a small-time landlord. As a landlord I believe I am making a difference in people's lives. I offer inexpensive, clean, safe, no-frills, pet friendly units.... A lot of people see a landlord as someone who takes advantage of people and screws people over, but it does not have to be that way. I always err on the side of being fair and helpful with my tennents, and I feel some personal satisfaction, knowing that my tennents are happy and feel that they are getting a good value for their hard earned money. So, I guess my point is that no matter what you do, you can find a way to make a difference to others.

Also remember if you get a job that pays well and offers good time off benefits, you can use your extra time to do really fun volunteer work like build for habitat for humanity in your community... or join the rotary, or a billion other organizations...You don't have to lose your soul..
yeahh I feel that! Thanks for the kind words!! Im the type of person that i just spread positive vibes wherever I go...Its a constant work in progress but its good work, you learn much and I like to put smiles on peoples faces!...I wish i had the cash to do the landlord thing or something similar, I had such a hard time breaking out of the restaurant industry (its our fam biz as well so ive seen it FOREVER)... trying to find something else in the interim unless I can find a career soon...we shall see!

Best of Luck Ian! It can be very frustrating looking for a job....but one will come along....just be patient and like WilsonFamilyPicnic said take whatever job you have to until the perfect one comes along.....even serving coffee. For some people, the smile they get in the morning at the coffee shop starts off their day in a positive way.....making the rest of the day go smoothly.

Again....good luck

Thank you for the positive words, I really appreciate it!!...kind of need a little pick me up from time to time when searching for jobs it IS frustrating!
If you get strapped, Ian, try looking for a position in the security field. Psychology is one degree that I hold, as well, and though it really doesn't get you into a highly professional position, it will help you to have it as a background in positions of trust. Security positions should be abundant in Florida. Try private companies, hospitals, etc., or go to a security company that contracts itself out. Just look at the ones that offer good pay and bennies, with room to grow. My background is in medical and law enforcement, but I had a pretty high level position in the security field, at one time. Check it out and good luck.
Thanks for the advice!! Do you need to get certified to be a Security guard or anything??

Im starting this job monday thats redacting govt info off of confidential files through a temp agency, $10 an hour no bennies or anything but hey itll put some bread on the table for now...really not expecting to stay there long as I am worth way more than 10/hr!
I don't know about Florida, but for many of the states, you would only need to be certified to carry a weapon. I know they do have schools that you can go to, to get certified, and if you did, you would make more money and move up faster, but as far as I know, it isn't a necessity to obtain a position. As far as the temp position, redacting gov info off of confidential may want to stick with it a while just to get that experience on your resume. It shows that you can be trusted. It may not be what you want, right now, but the most important thing is to start building your background. This is a good start. If you should decide to go in to security, you would show that you have held a position of trust. Redacting government info is a biggy. Keep us posted as to how things go. Wish you the best.
Will do!! Thanks much! I appreciate the encouragement! Definitely is needed from time to time (especially with the way my job search was going until 3 days ago!)

Just been trying to visualize what I want, put the vibes out there and do what I can in the meantime while applying to jobs like mad!

again, Thank you so much! and I will definitely keep you posted!