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Apr 9, 2019
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Sweet Home Alabama
I have been wanting to try a salt bar and possibly a 100% coconut oil soap with 20%sf. Most of the salt bar recipes call for large percentages of co so I decided to combine these curiosities.

Having never used either, I was expecting a scrubby bar of creamy lathering soap. What I got just feels like rubbing straight coconut oil on me. Zero qualities as a soap.

Nice feel on skin but I wouldn't grab this for washing anything.

Is this a typical salt bar result?


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How long did you let it cure?

After 6 months my salt bars have the creamiest, sleazy soapy lather I’ve ever used. I do agree that it doesn’t seem to work like soap. It’s definitely a class of its own
How old is this soap? How much salt did you use? I think you will get better answers to your questions if you include the complete recipe and how long the cure has been since you made the soap.

Salt bars require a pretty long cure.

Here is the lather I got from the salt bar I made last year.
It was only 20-25% salt (% oil weight); Oils: 82% CO, 18% HO Safflower.
It is still too harsh for my skin, as I find it very drying due to the high percentage of CO.

I did not right down the exact weight of the salt before the scale turned off so I was unsure of the exact percentage,
but it was within the 20-25% range of total oil weight. Normally I choose that ahead of time before pouring ingredients, but this was made with salt I harvested myself and my supply was limited to only what I had gathered.
I don't use my salt soaps until they are 6 months old. It also depends on what kind of salt you are using and how much. Using fine salt is the key. No dead sea salt - will cause your soap to be weepy. If your soap is new set it aside and give it some time. I love the thick creamy lather of a salt soap.
All right. Sounds like my excitement is to blame. These are new bars so I will put them away to hibernate.

My skin doesn't like high percentages (above 30) of co, but I was hoping that the sf would combat the harshness.
Don't be surprised if you need to put them away for a long while! I can't do soaps over 25% CO (unless they are very well aged), and salt bars for me need to age for at least 2 years, and then I still need to proceed with caution.
I also can't use high CO soaps but a salt bar aged at least 6 months doesn't both me at all.