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Apr 5, 2017
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My SIL and her extended family are leaving for a trip to Iceland and Scotland in three days. I thought it would be helpful to have shampoo bars and bath bars that don’t complicate TSA screening for liquids. The quandary I am having is on how best to package them. They could go in heavy duty disposable plastic bags, or plastic jars, or plastic soap boxes, but I see a downside to all three.

I have deodorant containers in my basement from more than 10 years ago that I never used and thought, hmm. . . They would keep products like soap and shampoo bars dry, pack well in the suitcases, and they are refillable. The round container is significantly more sturdy than the oval container. Checking online, I see the round style being advertised now as refillable. Advice? Is there a problem I’m not seeing with the deodorant containers? Are there other packaging recommendations for packing on the family trip of a lifetime?


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