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Hey Ian,

Here is the recipe for the 7-up cake


3 Cubes of Butter (not margarine...butter)
3 cups of Sugar

(cream this together for 20mins)

5 eggs

(add 1 egg at a time and beat with mixer into cream mixture)

3 cups of Flour

(add lil at a time, beat into mixture)

2 T Lemon Extract

3/4cup of 7-up ( I sometimes add a lil more)

Fold into batter and mix

Put into a bundt cake ( spray pan and lightly coat so it wont stick)

325* oven (preheat)
Bake 1hr - 1hr 15mins
Ok, I would have totally just bought a box mix for yellow cake & sub 7-Up for the water :lol: !
That is exactly how I make pineapple upside down cake. Sub pineapple juice for water. Instead of butter & flour on the bottom of the pan use butter, sugar, pieapple chunks & marishcino cherries :lol: . It works w/ peaches & peach juice too.
ohhh you are the best! I cant wait to make this cake :)... my tummy is rumbling just thinking about it.... got to fill that hollow leg as my mother would say lol...
Mmmmm....sounds very intriguing. Thank you, smellit (do you have another preferred name we can call you?)
hey Woodi.. Im Shannan

Love the Calculator..been using it I think since you came out with it lol
I still have the newspaper cut out of this recipe from maybe 20 years ago. I still make it. It is delicous with a fresh orange glaze
Lucy its older than that, I got it from my mom...who got it from her mom.....who got it from her mom

so my great-grandmother passed it down...my grandmother knows the recipe by heart so did my grandfather.
Sounds about right. I think 7UP was first invented in the 1920s
You know....weight watchers has a recipe that is similar and you use a diet cola. hmmmmmmmmmm......never tried it, but now I am a little intrigued. Thanks for sharing it! k

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