Chocolate cake- boiling water= scrambled eggs?


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Sep 29, 2015
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I learned a lesson when refining a recipe for a rum bundt cake -- the pan MUST be greased with shortening, lard, non-stick spray, or any non-water-containing fat. Not butter.

Butter is around 10-15% water and that's the kiss of death for a bundt, because greasing a cake pan with butter makes the cake more likely to stick, even if you also dust the pan with flour.

This isn't too critical for most cakes like the Wacky Cake we've been talking about, but for a bundt, it makes a huge difference whether the cake comes out of the pan in one piece or in chunks. A lot less tears and cussin' in my kitchen since I've learned this trick.
I was about to say "I've been using butter all these years and my cakes came out fine until I reread what you wrote. Yea, bundt cakes are a whole other level and I agree.

That crazy cake recipe cuts in half easily for a small one pan cake. We use melted butter instead of oil for more flavor, and dry instant or leftover coffee like mentioned above. It’s not a rich cake, but never fails and it’s fantastic without frosting. Even my kid eats it without frosting!
I'm not gonna lie, I never tried instant coffee in chocolate cake or even coffee for that matter. I might see if I can halve one of the recipes here and bake a small cake.


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Mar 19, 2020
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Dallas, Tx
Made the chocolate crazy cake with the recipe that Obsidian posted and it is really tasty! I’m planning on trying the other recipes on this thread too.

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