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May 18, 2018
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British Columbia
In going through some books, blogs, and the SMF, I'm seeing multiple types of water choices.. Recently, in a lotion making blog, I saw that reverse osmosis water is an option. I've been purchasing gallons of distilled water, and I also have a reverse osmosis filtration system.. have I been purchasing water when I don't need to??
For soap I use my RO filtered water with no problems, however when making lotions, I us distilled water. As Dahila said, better to be safe than have ickies in my lotion...
Why is distilled "safer" than ro?
RO does not filter out every impurity - and if you don't change your filters regularly, or your RO is malfunctioning somehow and you don't know it, it could be prone to introducing microbial's and other contaminants into your lotion base and start to grow fungi, etc.,
You have less of a contamination risk with distilled water, IMO.
I agree ... consumer grade systems produce RO water that isn't comparable to distilled. There are lab quality systems that can, but they have to be properly maintained and tested.
One day I want a proper water distillation system... so that I can quit buying plastic jugs!

So far, I've used distilled water for everything.. and since I live in hard water land, i guess I'll keep doing that, until i get to buy a big machine..

Thanks for the input, all!