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  1. Fiut

    My failed experiment with castile with Black sea lye

    Hi everyone! I tried to make a non slim castile according to this recipe The recipe is with quite big water discount and using a faux sea water as liquid. In my country there is a fantastic thing called Black sea lye...
  2. Kiajera

    Lye Crystal's in Hot process soap

    Hi guys! I'm new here, but I have been making soap for roughly 6 years and I have encountered crystals of lye in my hot processed soap, which I also put in the oven to make a compound hp/ cpop soap with an embed. I have pics here for you to see. I'm going to re-batch it with a little more...
  3. BattleGnome

    How long should I wait?

    Some of you may have read my meltdown in the challenge thread. (For those that didn't read it, I messed up my lye and had to add a lot of extra water.) I took my soap out of the oven just before 12 hours (husband wanted food) and it still seems soft. My original measurements were 8.4oz water...