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Jan 3, 2016
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Some of you may have read my meltdown in the challenge thread. (For those that didn't read it, I messed up my lye and had to add a lot of extra water.) I took my soap out of the oven just before 12 hours (husband wanted food) and it still seems soft.

My original measurements were 8.4oz water and 3.74oz NaOH (with 27 oz oils and 1oz FO). I ended up adding 3-4oz water in my panic and CPOP in hopes of evaporating some of that extra water to be able to cut sometime this century. I intend to put the soap back into the oven to try and continue some of that evaporation. (I forgot before leaving the house but will be home in a few hours)

As of right now, the soap is very soft and the texture seems like cookie dough but when I pull at the mold it comes away cleanly, so I know saponification happened reasonably successfully. The overflow/individual bars are different. One looks "normal" but seems softer than the loaf, I tried testing to take it out and it stuck to the sides. The other two small bars were weeping when I pulled them out of the oven. One bar had already reasorbed the lye(?) by the time we left but the other bar still had beads on the top. I'm pretty sure the beads will reasorb with time. There was no seeping on my loaf.

Does anyone have any advice on how much extra time I should wait until unmolding? I went from 33% concentration to roughly 25% (I think) should I just wait my usual 3-5 days then hope the bars harden more with a good cure?


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Aug 16, 2014
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I'd wait it out and just remove it when it seems like you can get it out of the mold without mushing it. You'll probably see some warping during cure. I'd go the weigh it out method for curing. Just weigh it once a week and when it seems like it's stopped going down, you're done.

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