First time Bath Bomb; questions about colorants

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Dec 9, 2008
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Hello everyone,

I am going to attempt my first bath bomb (soon as my mold comes in) And I want to know what you reccomend for colorants. The colors I want to achieve are bold.

I want to make a Peppermint/CandyCane/Starlight Mint look so I am looking for a bold red that wont stain to much in the tub. The bomb will be mostly white with thin tiger like stripes sparcely throughout.

Also I plan on making a Christmas tree scented bomb and a pumpkin pie scented bomb - any recomendations on the green or dark tan? I am not looking for a super dark/rich brown, just a medium tan for the pumpkin pie. I don't want to use a heavy green because that will stain the tub but I do want a rich red (only in very small amounts, being cautious for the tub)

I know I sound wishy-washy but, do you understand my thought process? I was thinking a pale but dark green, like a washed out forrest green and then on the top of the bomb a star?

Xmas gifts in mind here...

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