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  1. spiritpots

    Curing soaps and essential oil scents

    I have what is perhaps an unusual question regarding the smell of essential oils as my soap cures. I cure my soaps on a bakers rack in my office in my house and generally make a couple batches (two dozen bars) every month or so and have never found the scent of the curing soap to be an issue...
  2. U

    Differences for Florida CP vs less humid areas?

    Hi everyone! I am a cp soap maker in Virginia and have been lurking here for a few months. The info here is so good so thank you! My family is thinking of moving to Florida from Virginia (we used to live there but had to move due to work). I am concerned about how the change of weather will...
  3. D

    Seamoss: Will it survive?

    I am preparing to make a seamoss soap for the first time. I've prepared a seamoss gel to incorporate into the soap as part of my water weight. I am aware that many people have successfully made seamoss soap but I'm wondering if it's a good use of expensive seamoss. My concern is that the sodium...
  4. D

    Help! Ginger too strong

    I made a fun Ginger, Carrot and Turmeric Soap for your face. I used homemade ginger tea as part of my lye water solution. I did a lather test and the antiseptic properties of Ginger is very strong right now on my skin. Should I expect it to become more gentle with curing since the water will...
  5. Lonardlis

    Curing in plastic container

    Hi, i'm liz and i am new in soap making. I have a makeup brush cleaner business and I found that soap bar is very effective in cleaning makeup brushes and sponges so i want to make my brush cleaner out of cold process soap. The problem is i need to cure them in a plastic tube. The top layer is...
  6. G

    Jewelweed Pine Tar best practice

    Newbie so sorry for ignorant questions. I've done a lot of research but need more clear answers. I began this adventure to create a great skin soap for my kids. Pine tar was the interest. This grew into a primary desire for a good acne soap for them which brought me to jewel weed. I'm honing in...
  7. goldendaddie

    Curing and Ventilation in warm climates

    Aloha! I live in Hawaii and I’m going to make my first batch of soap in a few weeks (once all my online orders arrive). Once I begin the curing phase (4-6 weeks), I have extremely limited areas to have my soap hang out undisturbed. The two spots I‘m considering for curing: - linen closet...
  8. Theresa210

    Curing racks

    I know that some metals react with the soap while it’s curing, adds those dreaded orange spots(dos). Would it be safe to use a galvanized steel rack to cure my soap on?
  9. K

    Curing temps

    I'm curious about ambient temperature during cure for CP soaps? Is there an ideal temperature? What might be too hot or too cold? I ask because mine are curing in a cold basement right now...about 55-65 degrees F. TIA.
  10. B

    Curing with dehumidifier

    Hello, I am have read that using a dehumidifier will speed up curing time of cold process soap. Has anyone tried this? Also, is there a possibility that this will weaken the strengths of the fragrance from essential oils that I used? I only fragrance with EO and not FO. I’m on a crunch to get...
  11. serene_caprine

    Curing in the Fridge

    Hello! *Finally* I have achieve a cream-colored goat milk soap. Didn't burn the lactose at all, for now at least. It only took me 2 hours to accomplish :rolleyes: but I couldn't be happier with the way it looks. I mixed they lye and milk in an ice batch this time. Mixed 71* lye with 80*...
  12. D

    Hot process soap burning skin on face

    I made my first batch of hot process soap on Saturday using just coconut oil, water, and lye to keep it simple. I used a tried and true recipe by an experienced soapmaker and ran it through a calculator so I know my proportions were correct. I had no problems blending to trace, I cooked it in...
  13. susiefreckleface

    tracking the weekly shrink OCD

    So am I just a little weird to chart out my weekly weighing of curing soaps onto an excel spread sheet? I like soaping... I like excel works for me, but I feel like a nerd. I must say though, that I've noticed that the rainy week we had recently did affect the rate of water evaporation...
  14. Desirae

    Calamine lotion, can it be used in cp

    So really I have 2 questions but didn't want to bog the forum with 1 question after another, 1st one is easy for all you experts, 1.)can I use one of the food hydrater to help cure my soap faster, or put a family in the closet I use to put my soap in, the idea of curing is to basically dry...
  15. N

    My first soap using multiple oils (lard, oo, co)

    I have just started out making soap. So far, I have made one batch of 100% coconut soap with 20% superfat a few days ago. That was really fun and easy. Some people seem to love that soap, others have reported that it still dries out their skin, despite the 20% SF. So I would like to try another...
  16. S

    Pics of Soap Storage

    Hi everyone! I would love to see pics of how everyone stores their soap, both during curing and after. I'm trying to come up with a good system at my house that will allow the soap to breath after curing but not increase the likelihood of the blending of the scents of different soaps. Thanks :)
  17. Kimberly6891

    Soap Molds

    Good Morning I did a little bit of searching and didn't find a thread that was already started about this topic, so I hope I didn't miss it, but I have to find out a little bit of information. I have only been actually MAKING soap for the past 2-3 months. In fact, I read a TON about it...
  18. Mommysoaper

    Storage of CP in summer

    I have been worried about storage and curing of all my CP soaps during the summer. I used to live in GA and had central air and kept things very cool so I had no issues for previous summers, but we are now in upstate NY and the temps and humidity have been high! We have no AC in our new home...
  19. cursivearts

    Equipment Question(s)

    One, what do you soap in? Like, what container to do you mix lye in and what do you mix the lye and oils in? And what do you use when you have to split off batches for dye? Right now I use a big stainless steel pot for mixing and a large pyrex measuring cup for the lye, but the pot is almost...