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Feb 7, 2016
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So Cal
So am I just a little weird to chart out my weekly weighing of curing soaps onto an excel spread sheet?

I like soaping... I like excel
works for me, but I feel like a nerd.

I must say though, that I've noticed that the rainy week we had recently did affect the rate of water evaporation considerably.
I have some CDO traits, but usually I can't be bothered.

I would love lists and spread sheets but.....

If you like it and get satisfatction then well done. :)
As you make more soap, and get the general idea of how much moisture is lost in what period of time from which recipes, you will lose the need to track such information. You may never lose the want of doing it, though. I tracked everything for a while there. But, as I got enough information to be able to accurately predict moisture loss (bubble height/rate of bubbling/etc), I stopped tracking all of that. And yes, humidity in your environment GREATLY affects moisture loss.
, humidity in your environment GREATLY affects moisture loss.

So if the environment is humid, do you lose more or less moisture? It seems like a humid environment means there is more moisture in the air which would mean you lose less in the soap, where a dry environment would suck moisture out of the soap more quickly?