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  1. A

    Cream/ lotion base help

    I have made skincare products for a while, but I've never found myself in a situation where I'd possibly need to formulate for myself. I need to make my dad a pain relief cream for his birthday, but all the formulas online seem pretty basic, as in, its just butters and EOs. I made an EO blend...
  2. E

    Acacia gum as an emulsifier in lotion or cream?

    Hi everyone! Title says it all. Would that work? I have no recipe or anything for you to critique, but am looking for something to use as an emulsifier before I make it. I found a recipe online that uses only acacia gum as an emulsifier. I don’t know how well it would hold up though, so I just...
  3. newlee

    PH of lotions and creams

    Does anyone test the PH of their lotions and creams? Just saw a video were that was suggested. Apparently, preservatives can cause lotions and creams to be acidic. The presenter's cream was less than 4 (tested with a meter) so she added a lye solution to bring it up to a little over 5 PH. Just...
  4. S

    Stiff cream

    Hello Soapers, Creamers and all things fun! I have a problem with my creams that I was hoping someone could help me out with. I tried out a number of recipes from craftymonkey (bless her soul, her blog is bursting with information) but her cream recipes are not quite turning out right for me...
  5. L

    Whole Cream

    I recently have been trying cream at 5% of my total oils. What rate do you use?
  6. xoticsoaps

    How do you make a gel creme for hair?

    Does anyone know of any blog posts or videos on how to make a gel creme for hair like Sunsilk Hydra TLC 24/7 Creme? I'm trying to figure out the procedure so that that I can formulate one.
  7. R

    Milk & cream (cow) use in soaps - the In's-N-Out's

    I'm really interested in making some moisturizing soaps and I know milk creams are notorious for it's moisturizing properties (some milks more than others). For those that don't know, whole milk has about 3.5% milk fat and heavy cream varies by brand from 36-42% from what I have found. I've...
  8. C

    Hydroxide Issues + Shaving Cream Recipes

    Hi everyone, New to the soap making process (4 batches in). Making the following recipe with both KOH and NaOH: 5% Avacado Oil 5% Coconut Oil 10% Castor Oil 30% Palm Oil 50% Stearic Acid I tried a similar recipe last go round, but I keep getting too base (purple colour on the pH...
  9. H

    Creamy texture of HP

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve a smooth and creamy texture of HP soaps? I am looking to avoid the rustic look of HP and to achieve as close to CP as possible. Any thoughts?
  10. I

    Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturiser recipe

    I was fortunate to speak to the cosmetic chemist who created Sucragel at SCS Formulate last week and picked up some formulating tips ....Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturizer recipe :-
  11. I

    Tutorial - How to make a lotion cream moisturiser

    Comprehensive tutorial on how to make a lotion cream moisturizer - covers equipment, ingredients, recipes for different skin types etc Enjoy!
  12. T

    Emulsifying wax vs beeswax

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and this will be my first post. Maybe a little controversial of a topic for some of you, but I am a medical marijuana patient and I apply the use of marijuana concentrated oils into balms/gels for therapeutic use. It is great for pain, and does not get you "high"...