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    Vacuum chamber to speed curing?

    How about a dehumidifier?
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    Soap factory virtual tour

    The soap factory in my home town has a virtual tour, which is quite interesting. I'm in no way affiliated, I just think it's fascinating to have a look behind the scenes of these places, which are so often off-limits. Quite...
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    Rapeseed Wax

    I'd be interested for sure. Incidentally, Kerax are based in my own town, as are Droyt.
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    My soap doesnt have a smell.

    Try Litsea or Geranium EO, it'll stick. Or try HO and add before moulding.
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    Do any UK Soapers use Cookeen or Trex?

    The ingredients used in Trex are Palm: 57 (+/-3%) and Rapeseed (Canola) : 43 (+/-3%). The Palm is said to be RSPO certified. Palm hardens, Rapeseed conditions.
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    One-step Vs Two-step Soap

    I guess the ashes of birch mixed with animal fats is the simplicity / romance of one-step lye soap. But I must admit I do think the mass-produced, 25-pence-a-bar Palmolive Naturals Moisture Olive is a lovely bar. And no doubt it's two-step. Sodium Palmate , Aqua, Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Palm...
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    One-step Vs Two-step Soap

    Thank you very much for the detailed response. That was an education! People often think pure=natural, and the two-step certainly isn't the latter. I can fully understand why the commercial makers would go that route, but it does go against what I suspect most home soapers are trying to achieve.
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    Stealing someone’s recipes

    If you look at a soap ingredients list, it is highly unlikely that the recipe is unique, unless you have some undiscovered wonder-oil in there which nobody else has discovered. It's almost impossible to create a new soap recipe just like it's almost impossible to create a new recipe for...
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    One-step Vs Two-step Soap

    I was reading this article , which states: Can someone please explain what this means and are we CP/HPers producing one or two step, and if it's the former, how can we try to create the latter? Thanks!
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    Rulebreaker recipes?

    Soapcalc would have a field day with that! :)
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    Recipe for the strongest cleansing/degreasing?

    Also 0% superfat has zero tolerance. If you weigh oils in a container then decant, you will always have some sticky oil residue lining the container. I tare the container, add the oil plus say 5g, then pour the oil out and re-weigh the container till I have it back to 5g. That way I know I...
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    Got a little order in today...

    Wow super. They'll take an age to get through, you could always store them in the fridge in an airtight tub.
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    Essential oils

    Had a look and noticed that there's some Petrichor FO's out there, which may suit you?
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    Essential oils

    Neem and clay.....
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    How do you personally add yogurt/milk into Soapmaker 3?

    I only use it in HP as an emulsifier after saponification is complete, so I don't factor it in. At the end, I let the mixture thicken a little with the lid off, then stir it in just before scooping. Pretty much as you would do when making a curry!