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    label frustrations

    Ok.....suggestions are welcomed! I WAS having my labels for my soaps printed by a local printing company....but...the turnaround time is RIDICULOUS! AND...the company never really designed them the way I wanted them scent list is anywhere from 25 to 40 different scents...
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    Cost of Coconut oil

    @ bayougirl....WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! From soapers Choice (even with $22 shipping) CO is $42 CHEAPER for 50# than my current supplier!!! Thank you for mentioning them! I am even concidering starting to go back with them for my Castor & SAO....even with shipping on those, I will be saving money...
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    Cost of Coconut oil

    @heyjude...yes, I agree that double is excessive! Worries me that even if their cost goes down, will they still charge the doubled price because of loyal soapers like myself who have continued to buy it at outrageous price points because of loyalty? @bayougirl.....I will check out soapers...
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    Cost of Coconut oil

    Has anyone else who buys CO in bulk noticed the price doubling in the last 2 months? My local supplier claims they had to increase the price because of a crop failure and that the price should go back down...then, immediately changed their package sizes. I can no longer buy my CO 35 #'s at a...
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    the price of coconut oil

    I am fortunate to have a local wholesale supplier for my CO....I buy (bought) it 35 lbs at a time. In April, supplier informed me that the price of CO had doubled because of a crop failure, and that within 8 weeks or so the price should drop back h asnt yet! And on top...
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    Look what DH has made

    Awesome molds! My DH who is also a builder just made me some wooden loaf molds also...take down with wing nuts....LOVE, LOVE LOVE them! Until 2 weekes ago, I was using 2 old antique wooded Kraft cheese boxes which didn't give me the width I wanted for my bars. I love the hinges on yours! He...
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    I'm pretty sure I'm ADD with soap

    Very creative.....beautiful!
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    wellington fragrance

    I have been making soap for 4 years, though I have only started making large quantities to sell since late 2010. And....I admit, I was an EO only kind of gal until a family member asked me to make a soap that smelled like my grandmothers favorite body spray (secret crush by VS). I ordered a...
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    new to SMF

    Hello everyone. I am a soap maker from texas, made my first batch about 4 years ago. But have just this year started making soap to sell. I am eager make new soapmaking friends and share ideas, recipes and advice.