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Well my weekend starts on a thursday, because I do not work on Fridays.
So, I start thinking... hmmmm what will I make this weekend...

So... whats in your soap pot this weekend!

I am going to be making some oil base body butters, and trying new fragrances.. oh how I wish I had some "Soapman's" molds. And one of my suppliers took vacation until the middle of August :roll: .. anyway, I will play this weekend.. keep you all updated.
I am hoping to sell every bar I have, so I NEED to make more. My 25lb chunk of goats milk keeps staring at me as if to say "HEY YOU BOUGHT ME TO USE!! NOW DO IT!!" :lol:
Well since I got my fragrances from Brambleberry today I have alot of options.

I know everyone at work is requesting cupcake bath bombs, so I will make those and some oil body butters and cream body butters. I am too excited!

i hope I dont run out of containers. :roll:
I have a fresh grated batch of Goat's Milk but i'm not sure what I want to make. I've already made Goat's Milk Oatmeal and Honey Soap.
Well, some Orange Blossom & Spiced Tangerine Whipped Body Butters for sure, and maybe a batch of matching soap. Working in the TOG Shop is also a must. Gotta have my down time soaping though, as it is my escape from the world, stress relief for me. I'll explain in another post, my friends, I DO NEED STRESS RELEIF THIS WEEKEND! ITS SERIOUS!

Paul.... :wink:
AWWW Paul ((HUGS)) the stress will go away... i feel your pain, trust me.. but your butter sounds devine.. you need a website.. so i can see some of your stuff..

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