August 2022 SMF Challenge - Dual Swirl Techniques in one Soap

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Dec 17, 2015
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I tend to post my failures if I try more than once when I enter a challenge. 1- The first was a disaster, grabbed the wrong scent which happened to be next to the one I was going to use. Normally it would not be a problem however the one I was planning to use for another soap for a friend was an accelerating scent. I could not even pour the second solid line. The orange mica had some type of strange reaction, and many other things that just did not work out.
2- The second one I was happy with. The colors worked for me and the swirls are decent but if I would have waited just a tad longer it could have been better but I rushed it.


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Sep 7, 2019
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East Central Florida
@The_Phoenix in answer to your question in the Entry thread, I primarily support Landing & Recovery operations of the crew module (CM) as a planner. In other words, I build the schedules for operations & maintenance (O&M) of the ground support equipment (GSE) and all of the shore operations before and after recovery of the CM in the Pacific ocean. I'm no rocket scientist!

My dad transferred to Kennedy Space Center in 1964 for the Apollo program so I've grown up with the space industry. I started as a Thermal Protection System (TPS) technician in 1988. We fabricated the tiles & soft goods for the Space Shuttle. I eventually went into quality and over to the installation side working in the Orbiter Processing Facilities, VAB and Pad; we followed the orbiter up to launch. After the Columbia accident, I went into operations as a flow manager for TPS where I stayed until the end of the program.

It has been pretty cool to grow up in this area and to work in the space program. When you're doing it you really don't think of it, but when I take the time to think about it I really feel fortunate to have been a part of it all.

I feel like I just applied for a job writing this :)

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