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Jul 1, 2014
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Cape Town, South Africa
Dear fellow soapers, I have made yoghurt soap before very successfully by freezing it in ice cubes with the water and using this to dissolve the lye. However, I would like to try adding the yoghurt to my oils before adding the lye, as I have read on this forum, I think this will be easier than the freezing route. My question is: does the yoghurt cause the warm, melted oils to get too cold?

I had a bad soap day last weekend when my oils were too cold and I did not get proper saponification, instead had an oily strange mess that I had to try and resurrect.

I realize I am not yet experienced enough to work without a thermometer, so really want to get this batch right. Any suggestions regarding temperature of the oils together with yoghurt will be much appreciated.

Thank you
If you let it set out to come to room temp., then it shouldn't cool down your melted oils much.

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