YES! Batch #3 - success!

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May 3, 2008
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South Riding, VA
I can't believe it! I unmolded it today! I really did not think the color-swirls would turn out, but they don't look half-bad! I swirled in the pot. I am so psyched!

New recipe and first attempt at color. Chocolate Raspberry--man, it smells good! My kids keep wanting to eat it. My son is dying to use it!

Right after pour (in my new mold!).

Unmolded on the cutting board.

My babies.

Racked for drying.

It's like.....SO MUCH FUN! I know! I haven't made a CP batch now in over a month, something keeps comming up.....UGH! I have to make some plain ol' 100% Olive Oil next, too, Boring........but then the next one will be to CREATE SOMETHING!!!

Really, they are definately a FUN looking soap!
I just love the look of your swirls. That's something the way the pink only shows up in the cut and cured bars. Good Job!!!
kwahlne said:
I can't believe it! I unmolded it today! I really did not think the color-swirls would turn out, but they don't look half-bad! I swirled in the pot. I am so psyched!
That is very most excellent!!! :) I'm drafting you for sure when I do my first swirl, for technical advice! :)

It took me up to my third batch (3 days ago) just to get a scent and a monochrome color right. I've got some catching up to do!!!

You did a fantastic job! :) :) :) :) :)
I forgot to add, would you mind saying a few words about your technique, how you did it? I want to try swirl soon. I could use a few hints.
Thank you guys!

Laurie, I know, it's weird, hunh? How the pink comes out later?

Jadie, CP is all I have done so far...I'm loving it!

Lovehound, technique? Not much to about easiest route and a lot of luck?

I separated my batch and colored each half. At early trace, I poured the chocolate into the raspberry in a random motion. Miraculously, some of it sunk, some it stayed on top :?: I did not stir after that. I just poured it directly into the mold after combining the 2 halves. I really didn't think it would turn out because when I poured, it looked like the 2 colors blended together too much. But when I sliced it open the next day, oila! I loved it!

I would like to try swirling in the mold next.

Superior luck always wins out over superior skill! :)

There has been some discussion here in the last few days and we were speculating that the technique involved splitting like you did, but then pouring separately into the mold and swirling it there with a stick or something.

Actually your technique of briefly combining it in the bowl before pouring makes sense, as long as you do it gently. It appears to be a question of judgement as to how much swirling before you pour.

I'm going to try it your way when I get to it, hopefully soon! Thanks!
Wow!! :lol: They are fabulous. Really nice. I do love pink and brown.

For some reason I am thinking "rock on". Must have been the patchouli foot soak earlier.

Wow!!! Those look awesome and yes - edible! Terrific job. I just got some new scents and colourants, can't wait to do some swirling myself....hope they come out looking as nice as yours! k

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