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Dec 26, 2007
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Being the consummate do-it-yourselfer, I make all of my own molds. So far these have been produced out of silicone, polyester resin, or for simple log/slab molds - Lexan or polyethylene. My sister is starting to get into soaping and wanted a simple bar mold where she wouldn't have to go back and cut up bars, so I figured I'd slap one together for her. You can see pictures of my efforts here: ... 774044757/

I'll be the first to say that you'll notice a couple similarities to existing molds like Paul's, but hey why try and reinvent the wheel? This one does differ from others I've seen in that it molds the bars 'vertically', 28 at a time. The overall design is also different in that there's both a removable top and bottom for easy de-molding.

Anyway, not too many people around here get excited about my handiwork so I thought that I'd share...

Oh, one little detail of which I'm especially proud is that each side of the bars produced is proportioned to the Golden Ratio, and the volume in cubic centimeters is a perfect square. Yeah, my engineer-ness drives my wife crazy too... :)
Your sister is a lucky woman. My dad was a carpenter and when he was alive he fulfilled my every whim. Boy was I spoiled! I love looking at beautifully made handwork. I don't need any molds but I hope you keep us informed of how they work, etc.
Nice! I had to beeeeeeeg my husband to put one together and it is nothing as nice as this!!
Looks like a great mold.I think you have abunch of long lost sisters.LOLReally like the mold ,keep working at it and your sis will be gratefull forever.

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