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Chalk Creek

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Nov 23, 2007
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I've been playing with my camera quite a bit lately (someday I'll figure out what all the buttons on it do!). Anyway, thought I'd share a few.
This is Mt. Princeton (14197'), taken from our front porch. Our dining, living, kitchen and master bedroom windows look out on this peak.

This is Chalk Creek running through one of our pastures.

Went snowmobiling up behind Mt Princeton yesterday. Boy, you just never know what you're going to run into on the mountain.


A friend who went with us brought this goofy mask along and talked my hubby into wearing it so we could take pics. It was pretty hilarious. Well, now you all know what we do for fun out here. :wink:
Thanks, everyone. Neil, it's a Konica Minolta. I'll look at it tomorrow and let you know which one. I like it a lot.
Beautiful! You are lucky! Great photos with amazing composition! We have a really nice 9 meg camera too, a SLR type with too many buttons for me to figure out. What meg did you shoot these on? Nice lens on the camera! This is our camera, a Fuji.

Paul, nice camera! I am lusting for a really nice slr. Mine is the Dimage Z10, 3.2mp. It just has its own built in lens with a 36-290mm zoom, but I'm impressed with what it will do. The only time it dissapoints me is for long range wildlife shots. I like that's it's small and compact.

This moose had a calf and spent the summer near our place. I didn't want to spook her, and could only get within about 500 yards of her. This is the best the little camera could do at that distance (and cropped some on the computer).

Thanks for the comments on composition. I do oil paintings from my pics, so always try to shoot with that in mind. But, I take literally thousands of shots and most of them stink and are deleted. Love digital!! I'm hoping to get a nice slr soon for wildlife photography this summer.
Check out the Fuji Fine Pix S9000 like mine. It is a lot of camera and has a lot of bells and whistles. The lens system on this camera is rated very high. I'm a bad shot, and shoot everything on auto everything! :lol:

Super nice Camera Paul.. Mine is also a Fuji but its a 5100 (4meg) I hope some day to get the new 18x optical zoom Fuji.
Thanks for the tip, Paul. I'll check it out. It all depends on income tax at this point.