And so I have a dog... (very long)

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Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Here's another pic. LOL I had recently bought a rather expensive, soft, cushy cat bed for my remaining cat. He HATES it! When I put him in it, he jumped out like it was on fire! Scout's foster mom said he had a "dog cave" that he loved, so I bought him this, thinking it would be perfect. Scout sniffed it once and walked away. turns out that the cat loves the dog cave, and the dog loves the cat bed! Here he is, cocooned in the cat bed, covered with a fleece blankie. No wonder he sleeps a lot, right?

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Oh all right, two more. Here's one of the cat in the dog house. These pics are a little fuzzy because I'm trying not to use the flash, so I won't startle Scout. This cat who is happier with a cardboard box rather than a fancy, expensive cat condo, just loves this dog house. I'm so glad I didn't spend the money for nothing! And the next pic was taken while I was reading all the info the vet had given me, this afternoon. You know that feeling you get when someone is watching you. Well I turned, and these eyes were fastened on me. He was in the cat bed, and I had put it next to me because he likes to be close. Those eyes! He just cracks me up.


Congratulations! He's adorable - love his leg freckles!!! Dogs are a precious gift.
Congratulations! He's adorable - love his leg freckles!!! Dogs are a precious gift.

I love the freckles should see his belly! Yes, they really are a gift. Whatever we give them, they return tenfold in face licks and tail wags and soulful looks from their big, beautiful eyes.
I use to have a little dog like this, only Tasha was pure black with a tiny bit of white on her chest. We had her for 14 years...sure do miss her.
What a great story! A lovely thing to read first thing in the morning! It's very well written - you should submit it to the organization. They may want to put it on their Facebook or webpage.

You may want to get a treat bag. They are a common item at pet stores (at least here in the US). It's a small nylon bag with a drawstring and a hook so you can hook it on your waistband. Keep it by the door and every time you go outside and he potties, give him a treat.

We have dogs on a heart medication that makes them pee a lot, so we got some hospital bed pads:

Some people call them chucks, no idea why? but these are IMO better than puppy pee pads. The puppy pee pads are light so it's very easy for them to get folded over on the floor. Also, these are washable.

Because the name brand of those when they first came out was Chux. Before that we used washable/reusable underpads. Chux were a game changer.
Thanks for the info, Susie. That's weird, though, b/c Chux are disposable and the ones we get aren't?

Well, yes, they are disposable (the original Chux), but they were made for the hospital & nursing home market where disposable is high on the priority list. They moved to the home health market and finally to the public market. But disposable has become an anathema to the conservation minded and we go full circle back to re-usable once again.

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