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Aug 27, 2007
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I'm testing wickless candles in 8 oz wide mouth Ball jars. I've heard stories of glass containers shattering on the warmers. I haven't had this happen, or heard of anyone personally having this happen.

For those who do wickless, do you use glass containers or tins? I really really really don't like the look of the tins, but if they are safer... then I'd use them.
Hey there, I have used plenty of wickless candles on my warmer, never had a broken one yet! I don't think that they get hot enough to break the glass.
I think that will depend on the quality of the glass & the temp the warmer get up to. I would just check with your container supplier & see which containers they recomend for wickless.
I like to use small crock type containers for wickless.
I use a wickless candle crockpot. It's big enough to hold even the large jars.
Just as long as it's thicker glass, I would think that you would be fine.
Hi All

I thought I would add my 2 cents here as I am a Lampwork Glass Artist also --

possibly the shattering has to do with "thermal shock" - if the jars are really cold and placed on a hot plate then this might cause the jar to shatter... softer glasses are more prone to this vs. something like pyrex. JMO

hope it helps.

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