Why is my rebatch cracking?

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Rut Roh-

Rut roh-
Ok here's what I did-
I cut a pound of gm rebatch base in small chunks- then put it in the oven covered in a stainless pot at 170 degrees- with a little less than a half of a cup of milk- the rebatch was pretty fresh. I stirred every 15 minutes and it took a little over an hour to melt. Then I took a mixer to it with a little Jojoba and FO beat it for a bit and put it in a silicone loaf pan- it looks like grubby brownies but lighter- it's still curing so I haven't tried it. So I;m not sure what I did wrong- keep thinking I have to go back to CP- for me I think that is what I know best. Not sure if this is all that much easier.
I let it cool for about 3 hours in the pan and then cut.
Sheesh- thanks so much for responding! :)