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Nov 28, 2007
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Many recipes call for using distilled water. Why? Do the trace minerals found in "hard" water really make that difference in making soap?
They can and sometimes will- I have heard of people using their soft water with no probs but for consistency I would use distilled and you also know then that it's free of bacteria. Other people may have their own opinions on this but for CP soap distilled is all I have ever used.
Thanks. Tap water is clorinated so it should be free of bacteria, and if there's any still present surely the lye will take care of it. I guess the only way to tell is just to try it out yourself. Distilled water is cheap, but why use it if you don't have to? Thanks again for you answer.
I live in a hard water area. The calcium and magnesium present in my water will cause soap scum. Soap makes grease soluble in water by latching onto it with the fatty acid end. The sodium end is soluble in water and will pull the greasy part down the drain. A basic soap molecule looks something like this, to put it very crudly: (fatty acid...............sodium). The fatty acid end is attracted to grease and the sodium end is attracted to water (I do have a point...) SO, in the presence of hard water, the calcium or magnesium will replace this sodium end, thus making the entire soap molecule INsoluble in water: soap scum. Use of distilled water will ensure that you are making a nice bar of soap, not soap scum. Hope this makes sense...
I collect rain water in a plastic carboy. I then run it through a Pur water pitcher when I need some for soaping. Since most of my liquids are goat milk and aloe vera juice, a 3 gallon plastic carboy goes a long, long way! Rain water is soft, and free from chlorine. I do like to purify it though.

Paul.... :) :wink:
Oh Paul, why don't you call your company Rainwater soap co.? Rainwater is sooo appealing!
Tabitha said:
Oh Paul, why don't you call your company Rainwater soap co.? Rainwater is sooo appealing!

Cool name Tab and good idea! 8) I do like using rain water. I take my 3 gallon plastic carboy and put a big 12" funnel in the top. I sit it on my back deck and when it rains....Paul has nice soft, clean water to use! Cap goes on the carboy until I need to run another 1/2 gallon through the Pur purifier pitcher I use exclusively for that purpose, and add to my jug in my soap room. It works great!

Paul.... :) :wink:

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