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dragonfly princess

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Jun 4, 2007
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I just ordered 24lbs of goats milk soap base for $35 that is awsome!!! Got to love that place!! Thanks to all the people that mentioned them on this forum! We should add a link to them on this site! THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!!!! Ok just a little excited sorry :oops:
They are great aren't they? and they have such great service also. I have been ordering from them for years an absolutely love them. They have grown so much it is wonderful to see their product list now!
Oh no, did you have to tempt me!?! :lol: Now I'll have to look, after I just spent another 50$ at Michael's today for soap stuff.. and they only have such limited offers!..

Hmm... it's our wedding anniversary soon.. maybe I'd just ask Hubby if I can buy my little heart out on that site for soaping? What else could a man wish for, right? A woman who doesn't want diamonds but soapmaking stuff!?! :lol: 8)
I use to order from them all the time.. Nice store. :)
Over the years they have added nice things, and even changed the website around.