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Jul 30, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi soapmakers,
I need help. I make cold processed soap with orange essential oil, buriti oil and seabukthorn oil. After two/ three weeks of curing my soap is starting to develop white fading spots that spread and end up fading the whole bar of soap. I use kaolin clay in my soap but that doesn't stabilise the bar. Any idea what can be causing this and how to prevent this from happening? (I do not use any artificial colourants, orange colour is achieved by naturally pigmented buriti oil and beta carotene and water to lye ratio 2:1, which creates great consistency batter. I am not able to upload photos directly to the post so I dropped it on my Google Drive fading soap - Google Drive If you experienced this before and know how to prevent it I would be very grateful for your response.
Are you storing the bars in a dark location, away from direct sunlight? Light of any kind is hard on natural colorants and will usually fade them quickly. Red palm oil seems to be non-fading for some folks, although others do see fading.
Yes, I found that beta carotene in soap fades, eventually to no color. I have never used buriti oil, but several oils with some color don't really carry through in finished soap to retain the oil color.