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Apr 28, 2015
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Ontario, Canada
I would like to try adding EDTA to my soaps to reduce soap scum but cannot find EDTA at any of the usual soap supply shops in Canada (I can't even find it on ebay or amazon from Canadian suppliers). Any fellow Canadians care to share where they get their EDTA from?

You could try using sodium citrate instead. You can get Citric acid and increase the lye amount to make the sodium citrate. There are a lot of recent posts (last month at the most) where it is discussed. What were your thoughts on the discussions there?
Maybe I am being silly but I was trying to avoid increasing the amount of NaOH I am using to compensate for the citric acid. Still a little wary of making sure NaOH is all used up in the saponification process. Do you ever stop making a nasty face when licking soap?! Yuck!! Maybe I will take a look and see if there are any soap calculators that allow the user to add citric acid and then will calculate the extra NaOH needed for me.
You can also purchase sodium citrate or make your own with baking soda and citric acid.

I just ordered some pre made sodium citrate off of eBay and I'll be testing it this week because I use it in every batch and it's just easier that way.
Sweet, I will check out Windy Point, Did some calculations for using citric acid for a recent recipe and will get my hubby to check my numbers before giving it a try.