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Apr 27, 2022
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I’m curious as to what is your favorite place for cost and quality to buy your soaping supplies from. I currently have plenty of oils and I am in the market for FOs, but I am open to recommendations for anything soap related. Thanks in advance for any and all help and suggestions!!!
For FOs, I have 4 places I shop. Brambleberry for some because I feel they are consistently good and I like their rewards program. I also use Nuture Soap - they have a really nice selection, and some favorites of mine. For my splurge scents, WSP has a few that I love, and they have 3 brands to give you some pricing options. For some really nice and more affordable selections, Fragrance Buddy is a winner.
Has anyone tried Aztec Candle and Soap Supplies, they have great prices and several other things I need besides FOs?

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