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Jun 18, 2013
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Idaho, USA
Ran into a bit of a snafu yesterday while trying to turn some solid lotion bars into body butter. Ended up adding too much liquid oil and now I have a nice salve base but I don't know what to add to it.

I have dry, itchy, red, uneven skin thats sensitive. Are there any good herbs I can I can add? I was going to melt it down in a glass jar and infuse dried herbs in a water bath.
I though about rose petals, my rose bush is covered in blooms right now but last time I tried to infuse rose petals, it had a really weird smell.
Why not rosemary? Chamomile and lavender are a no go for me, too afraid they might agitate my allergies. Green herbs are ok, flowers not so much. I know I'm ok with rose and calandula though.
Calendula has my vote! It's very soothing. Too bad about your allergies, otherwise I'd also recommend dandelion and chamomile. My dandelion salve actually contains all three that have been triple infused so it's nice and strong and full of the benefits.
Obsidian camomile is used to calm down allergies, so is lavender they are safe, you know that I have so many allergies is easier to count what I am not allergic too.
Bath with camomile is used to calm the flared up skin . Rosemary could dry up the skin, I think
Rosemary stimulates circulation, so it works well with other herbs, possibly speeding their action. I use rosemary with calendula and nettles, rosemary and calendula are fine too.
I though about dandelion, they don't bother me at all but they are done blooming. I have a huge bag of lavender buds but they are kinda old. I'll have to check and see if there is any scent left and go ahead and try it.
A lot of folks that are allergic to ragweed also have sensitivity to chamomile as well as dandelion and echinacea, certain fruits and vegetables like cucumber and melon. Also, wildflower honey as these usually contain a mix of pollen from different flowers. There are a ton more but these are common triggers.

With that said, especially since you said you do okay with green herbs, some of my favorites herbs to use are comfrey, plantain (love plantain!), turmeric (great for drawing out insect bite enzymes and reducing inflammation and redness), and activated charcoal (not an actual herb but useful for certain applications). Then of course, there are essential oils that can also help with a lot of things. I love making and using salve, it's the only thing that saves my working hands from falling apart in the winter!
calendula gets my vote too, but I also think the rosemary sounded like an excellent idea

amused that someone said lavender is safe because it 'calms down allergies' XD I'm horribly allergic to lavender!