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Feb 20, 2008
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What do you guys think of this recipe? How can I make it better?

Babassu - 9%
Coconut Oil - 15%
Palm Kernal - 10%
Cocoa Butter - 7%
Shea Butter - 5%
Apricot Kernal - 10%
Castor Oil - 8%
Olive Oil - 26%
Safflower Oil - 10%

Hardness - 38
Cleansing - 22
Conditioning - 57
Bubbly - 30
Creamy - 23
Iodine - 63
Linoleic - 14
Oleic - 36
Palmitic - 10

Babassu and coconut are so much alike that I'd go with the less expensive coconut. I like to keep the combo of CO and PKO to about 30-35%. And personally I wouldn't use AKO in soap.

IMHO I think it's a good general rule to pick one luxury oil and the rest base oils. So I'd be inclined to do: Coconut, Palm Kernel, (Shea or Cocoa Butter), Safflower, Olive, Castor (5%). I don't think there's a lot to be gained by having tons of different oils in a recipe, but that's just me.
If you like it make it. :) You will never know unless you try it. I is a pretty good recipe. :wink: I personally like a cleansing oils to be between 30 and 34%, as my GM, silk and aloe vera help out a bunch. My cleansing number runs between 20 to 22 all the time and is fine. I have good Oleic (for younger skin) and good Linoleic (for more mature skin) oils to aide in counteracting the 30 to 34% cleansing oils I use. A few great conditioning oils you can purchase locally are: corn, safflower, canola, or sunflower. All are inexpensive and are just as good as other way more expensive oils.
After a while, you start learning the oils synergy they produce in a certain combo with one another!

Paul :wink: