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Oct 22, 2015
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What do you use to color your soaps with and why? After reading about Mica dust inhalation it has Me a bit nervous to keep using it. I may just continue while using a respirator because it seems natural colorants aren't as vibrant and don't last as long. What do u like to use? Thanks!
I almost exclusively use micas along with TD, because I love all the different and vibrant colors available.

I haven't been concerned with particles since I always try to keep things from going airborne. I'm lazy and hate to clean-up my messes; it's easier not to make them. I always premix my colorants in oil, water, or glycerin... gently stirring first and then mixing with a minifrother. If I do it right, nothing poofs up. When I watch videos and see plumes of colorants, it's normally when folks dump dry micas on top of their batter.
I like micas best but oxides/ultramarines are nice too. Micas just come in so many vibrant colors and they are easy to use, I can't imagine making colorful soaps without them.
For oxides, I like TD and black, both make great solid colors. My favorite ultramarines are blue and lavender. I do use natural colors once in awhile, especially if I want a more subtle color. My least favorite are clays, I can never get the color I want and I hate how clay makes my skin feel.
That's a good point about not making a mess. I'm a hyoerchondriac so I've been obsessing over this even tho I know it's not that big of a deal unless I make. Clouds of dust and breath it in :p. The color choices are amazing!
Can you mix an ultramarine oxide with a little water then with a liquid colour to get the colour you want or will they separate?

My ultramarine oxide colour had a darker vein going through it. Did I use too much or not mix it enough?
I've gotten VERY vibrant orange-yellow tones from annatto, paprika, turmeric, tomato paste, carrot puree... VERY vibrant greens from organic indigo, and from blending wheat grass, barley grass, and chlorophyll. I usually infuse the powders in olive or sweet almond oil, but infusing and adding the powders gives even brighter color.
I'm with _joy_ I used infused oils and love my colours so far. In saying that I am still new to the whole soaping business so can't comment too much on how the colours hold up.

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