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Jun 20, 2023
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I entered the soaping world in 2022 because I had been buying natural type soaps for many years and never found one I was thrilled about when I factored in the price I was paying for it.

I’ve been attempting to perfect my signature hot process soap for about 8 months. I started out wanting to make my own melt and pour base so I could not have any long cure time. But, that was like learning two crafts simultaneously. I personally also have the added challenge of not wanting to use any titanium dioxide or micas as well as no artificial scents. (Just my preference)

I’ve learned so much. Made so many mistakes. And, been so enthralled that I took a pot of oil and turned it into a pretty decent bar of soap.

I’m finding out the journey never ends in the soap world, always something new to learn. I look forward to a new learning and fellowship adventure in this forum.

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