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Jan 3, 2019
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new york
so i have a fragrance that is high in vanillin. I wanted to know if I could only scent half of it. if I do that do I only calculate the amount based on what im scenting?
What I do is pour off some batter to leave un-fragranced and add the full amount of the fragrance to the part that will turn brown. I do not short my fo percentage.
have you had any issues with that?

keep in mind though that the vanillin might work its way into the other half :(
I don't mind if a little leakes in

I would say yes. Otherwise the part that does have it might be over the skin-safe allowance that is recommended by your FO supplier.
that's what im worried about over scenting that amount but also it not having enough scent
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I have scented about half of the soap batter with the full amount of fragrance oil. If the percentage of scent is about 8% or less, it usually works fine. If it's over that percentage, it sometimes weeps out as the soap cures. Other people say they haven't experienced this, so YMMV.

If the full amount of fragrance is within IFRA guidelines, I don't worry about putting it in half the batter. When you use the soap, the unscented soap mixes with the scented part and it all evens out.

"...I don't mind if a little leakes in..."

When I use a discoloring fragrance, the portion that would normally be white eventually turns a medium tan as the fragrance migrates from the other portion. You will have to decide if that is within your idea of "a little."