The wrap for the lavender soap...

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Apr 27, 2008
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If some of you even remember, this was my first batch and I cut into small, trial sized bars to give to family and friends (for testing and review). I gave them "plain" (no wrap) to family, but I had to send a few gifts to a friend (for a "home-made" exchange) and I decided to include a few bars on the package.

So I made this quick wrap with parchment paper, stamp and sharpies. :) :


Front and back: ... otostream/

I think you can see the back better on this one: ... otostream/

I'm about to make my second batch (finally!), now that the kid is back in school. ;)

Thanks for looking! :D
Very original which is soooooooooooooo important in this saturated craft!
lavender soap

lovely and unique!

i used to be an avid beader, and if i may make a suggestion? on the ends of your strings, maybe adding a few beads in the same color scheme. in muted shades out of clay or wood.

nice job!


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