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Apr 29, 2008
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BC, Canada
After going to 20 different stores and asking if they had any lye, or if they know where to find any. I got so may odd looks and blank faces it was driving me nuts :? , but after hours of looking I finaly found the only place in town that has it.

For all you Canucks out there having the same problem call your local Home Hardware store. They have 3kg (6.6lbs) for about $25, at least in BC. So it's not a bad price either.

I'm planning on making my first batch of soap, in 9 years, tonight. Wish me luck :lol:

Just figured I'd share the little bit of info I gathered today. Wish yeah all luck.

Angel :lol:


Wow, its great that you can find it locally. I talked to the guys at my HWS and they said that they would carry it, but the supplier wasn't even offering it anymore. I hate that I can't support the local economy with one of my biggest expenses. Good luck!