Taiwan swirl in a T&S mold??!

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Dec 29, 2014
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I've been wanting to try this technique. Having dividers,, I decided to do it in a TS mold. I now have no idea how I should cut it to bring out the beauty of the swirl without having miniature soap bars. Am I missing something or should I have done it in a wider loaf mold?
Taiwan swirls you should do throughout the entire depth of the mold. Then you cut it horizontally into a top and bottom loaf. Then cut bars vertically into adequate sized bars. Do this to hilight the swirl.

In contrast normal loaf bars are only cut into vertical pieces.
Thanks lionprincess00. For some reason I was drawing a blank. I knew how to cut them, but couldn't envision a proper size for this mold. It didn't get filled to the top like I would have like. When separators were removed, I was leery of free handing soap into my four strips.fingers crossed. Thank you for helping.
No problem! To help (forgive A the closet lighting and B the crummy soap lol), but pic one is (pretend) first cut horizontally...with a full layer beneath (this is a ts mold btw). So pic one is your proper cut for Taiwan swirl, and pic 2 is a typical loaf cut not suited to Taiwan swirls...:)


I am in fact a visual learner. You're amazing to go the extra mile! For some reason, it was easier for me to visualize in a loaf mold, but I couldn't transfer it in my head given the narrow dimensions. It was a total brain snap :)
As always, you are so appreciated!
No problem! My main hiccup in soaping is visualizing what "this swirl is". Unless I watch it, I'm freaking toast. I need the words and actions really to " get it". I HATE feeling confused and lost..I mean...how many times can you ask someone on here, "can you explain how you did that, again?" Lol! So I thought, meh, just take a quick pic! I hope it helps!!!
I extremely jealous of your fingernails lionprincess.

Lol, Thx:) that's one thing I never had to worry about. The pinkys get so long without breaking, I usually have to trim them. Bad joints (i have rheumatoid arthritis), but great nails...a fair trade I guess lol! I'm playing, just kidding hehe.
All joking aside, thank you for the compliment:)