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Jan 9, 2008
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Ok, So I just recently started doing larger batches. When I did smaller batches (one to two pound) I swirled in the pot and the soap came out loverly...

now I'm doing larger batches using 8 pounds of oils. I swirl in the pot but when I cut all the swirls are along the edges of the batch and nothing in the middle. (actually they're not really swirls, more just little lines of color, which is what I want, but I want in in the WHOLE BATCH).

What am I doing wrong? currently I take out the amount I want to color at light-medium trace, then mix the rest until medium trace. then I drizzle the color back in the pot and pour It seems like the color is getting everywhere in the mold, but when I unmold, all the beautiful lines of color are along the edges. To color I used: ultramarine(purple) Parsley powder (green) and a mixture of rosehip and paprika to create burnt orange. (yes, this all went into the same soap)

I made three batches of soap yesterday and all did the same thing, the above is just one example.

Thanks for your help!
are you moving the soap pot back and forth when pouring?

if you pour just in the middle of the mold all the color gets pushed to the outside.

even if i do an in the pot swirl i still run a chopstick thru it. back and forth and ziz zag
Barb, Thanks for the response, yes, i'm going back and forth and sideways as much as possible when I pour the soap..

I'll try the chopstick!
Not alot of experience here with swirling but is your soap in the pot
at thick trace?
It's at a medium trace. what I do is put the soap pot on the floor then drizzle from up high and get closer and closer to the pot as I go. It seems like the drizle is getting all the way to the bottom.... but maybe not since I'm having issues :wink: