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Jul 30, 2020
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A Small Goat Farm
Today I tried a recipe with goat milk and soy wax after talking with a lot of you for suggestions . Thanks to all and @KiwiMoose and special thanks to @Zany_in_CO for extra help. I knew I had to soap a higher temp than I’m used to due to the soy wax but wasn’t sure if the goat milk could handle it as @TashaBird was concerned about too. I’m showing pictures - I added the lye in the frozen goat milk cubes as always with the bowl in cold water in the sink. I slowly melted the soy wax and Kokum butter ( I have a lot 🙄) and added it to the other oils. In order to keep the soy wax melted I had to keep temp at 117. So it’s in one sink with hot water. Then I put the goat milk lye solution in the second sink and slowly watched while the temp rose to 120 ! It turned a bit orange of course but not bad. I was shocked. I then blended them and it did well. It comes to trace pretty quick tho. Poured in the mold and actually covered with freezer paper on top. I’ll post results when cut. It was actually pretty interesting! Pictures not in order/ lighter solution is the cool goat milk with lye. First pic is goat milk lye at 120- darker


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