Soapmaking Weekend--In Review.

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Jul 17, 2007
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SW Missouri
Hi everyone, I did not get to post this Friday as Smelly normally does, but lets go backward. 8) What did you all create this weekend?
I had to finish helping with our garage sale yesterday, and today was spent in the TOG shop. I did get 24 bars of Paul's Pumpkin Pie soap beveled this afternoon, and 5 bars wrapped and ready to ship to Tab's dear, hubby Dan, in the morning. What else did you guys get done this fine fall weekend, either soaping or family time?

Paul.... :wink:
Nothing exciting really.. lol Worked on a new website, updated my own website, went to the gym, went to church, went to work, watching football now. I need to soap this week for a big show on Dec. 1st. Other than that-nuttin' lol
Hey Paul, don't you mean ship to Tab's DH? hehe

I was lazy yesterday, but today decided to start off some experiments in LS. One is 100% CO and the other is 100% Light OL. The CO is now a paste and will be liquid tomorrow. The OL on the other hand I don't know what to make of it. I don't know if I should call it failed or extended (taking longer than though). Maybe tomorrow I can try 100% Castor Oil or something else...haha
Hey Paul! You were suppse to do it this weekend while I was gone. I had my grand opening this weekend in the Bay Area. I left friday nights, and just came back Sunday afternoon.

And wow... the things I missed lol!

Ummm... I have alot of soap to make, I sold out on alot of things... Details later.
I remelted some old soaps, made new unscented and uncolored soaps. I have put together some fun stuff for my craft table. Bout it!
Mothi said:
Hey Paul, don't you mean ship to Tab's DH? hehe

Yup, you're right there Mothi! :lol: :lol: Tab mentioned the "D" soap word and it sent shivers down my soap making spine! Tab, Tell Dan that the soap should be there this week sometime, unless he wants me to overnight it!LOL

Paul.... :wink:
I made a batch of Apple Jack and Peel scented soap Friday Night. Ruined said batch by forgetting my scent and trying to add it in the mold (made a nice yellow swirl at the time but had icky brown pockets the next day) Remelted the batch Sunday and it turned out very pretty. I used a little too much scent but I hope it will mellow as it cures.

I also learned a very neat trick. I have been using Hershey's Cocao containers for molds. I love the shape and even though I made a ply wood mold that works fine I prefer the hershey shape. Anyway, my first 2 batches worked fine but I had a hard time getting the soap out of the mold. My new trick is this, Save the lid and cut out bottom of the container. put the lid back on and fill it up-side down, that way when it is set you can take the lid off and push the soap out. Easy.
Saturday I got some things ready for my first craft show (Nov 3-4); milk baths, soy melts, labeling, etc. The farrier came for the horses and my mom stopped in for a bit. Sunday I made a Pink Sugar soap. I'm waiting till I get my order from MMS today to make more soaps :) I have some bentonite clay coming I want to play with!