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May 16, 2017
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South Florida
Got my soap cutter in and thought I'd review it here in case anyone else is looking at one.

I bought this listing:

from CustomSoapStamps on etsy. Honestly I didn't set out to buy that one, but Bud Cutters' shop said the cutter wasn't available and I was wanting something quicker.

First, the seller-I sent a message asking how the planer/bevel worked because I wasn't picturing it in my head. Within 24 hours he had replied and cleared up my confusion! He was very helpful.

Now, the cutter. It is heavy and well made. I had no slippage issues when I was using it. I only needed to tighten down one string and it was ready to use. I was cutting two loaves at a time (2 lb Crafter's Choice silicon mold) by butting them together. WOW! Smooth cutting, and minimal waste. I learned quickly to go slower at the end of the cut so the cutting bar didn't slam down. The acrylic is very thick so I wasn't concerned with damage but the cats did not like the noise LOL.

Clean up was very easy-wipe the wires, quick rinse in the sink, done.

The planer / beveler took a bit to figure out tricks to it. I should've waited another day to bevel as my soap was on the softer side and was sticking slightly to the beveler. Harder bar of soap, even pressure, and viola! The beveler required the same even pressure trick, it was easy to let up at the end and get an uneven (but only to me) bevel. Next cutting I'll wait to bevel, my fault not the tool's. Cleanup was a breeze, rinse in the sink and done.

My *only* complaint on anything is that the beveler sits low so the scraps piled up pretty quickly and had to be pushed out every 8 bars or so even with moving where I beveled (I was doing edges only). I'm thinking I could rig something up with a hole and a bucket for the scraps to drop in, but higher feet would be nice for larger runs.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this cutter and the investment and the seller. :bunny:
Thank you for the review, NsMar42111. I have to agree this seller is so very prompt and courteous when you send him a message. A few months ago, I asked for clarification on one of his products and he responded with additional information, more photos and a even a link to a helpful video on topic. He even went so far as to make suggestions about troubleshooting a product from another vendor that I was looking to replace, hence my needing more information about his product. I was super impressed.

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