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Nov 24, 2014
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Darlington, UK
My Ebru soap is sweating and the liquid is zappy.

I poured at light trace to give me time to work. Do I not worry and just hope it absorbs back in?
I tend to pour at light-medium trace and have occasionally had the soap sweat. It does tend to be more tingly - usually not a full on zap, but I can tell the lye is more active than usual, at least in the exudate - but has always absorbed back in with time.
No need to worry. If it is still sweating and zappy after a week or so I still would just let it cure. Honestly time cures this ailment, you do have to be patient but (for me) rebatching is truly a last resort. It never comes out quite as nice and takes too much time. Unless I suspect I made a mistake in calculating,(Ie. Used a much larger amount of lye than intended) I just let it be.