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I am planning on a trial patchouli/rhassoul mud shampoo bar and lime/coconut milk Hp soap. When should I be adding the coconut milk, with/in place of the water? Thanks!
have a small show tomarrow. have no idea what to expect, shows are so iffy anyways then topple on the local economy,& this being a new show, one never knows. but we were interviewed, if you could call it that, our local paper isn't that great but it was free advertising so can't complain too much. there has been advertising for over a month now and with the weather man calling for snow showers hopefully people will come out. if the weather was good like last week they all would be home doing spring cleaning and yard work.

so to entice customers to make a $10.00 purchase we are going to give them a one ounce purse size lotion with their purchase. it will be interesting to see if it helps sales one way or the other.

i still have to label these little babies and pack and need to get motivated to do so.

have a great weekend
I just signed up for a show in May. Gonna make a ton of soap and lotion sticks this weekend so I can get them curing for May! WWWHHHHHEEEE
I have a couple batches planned. Somehow my "planned" batches have been more like surprises lately.

I did a batch of CP with Dragonsblood FO. Now I could SWEAR the last time I used that FO it turned my soap dark. Last night it didn't, so out of desperation, & because I had separated out some to stay white for swirling, & I needed a dark QUICK!!, I grabbed the cocoa powder. It didn't smell so grand - chocolate & Dragonsblood. It'll be interesting to see just what I get. I'll cut it when I get home this evening.

My "planned" batches for this week-end are some Lavender poured into heart molds, & Sweet Pea that I pray turns out pink this time!! :lol: The challenge will be getting the soap out of those heart-shaped molds. I'll have to freeze it for a tad, then sit it on some warm water while I hold my breath & put my tongue in my left cheek & stand on my right foot with my left arm crooked just right... :p
I'm really getting into this DHHP soap making. I have 4 batches under my soap belt and am digging this. I used a bar tonight I made 3 days ago and really liked it, very creamy and bubbly.

Paul :wink:
I just finished a wedding cake, and will be spending all day tomorrow doing wedding stuff.. Sunday I'll make several batches of CP soap. I'm reallly going to work on swirls and see what comes of it. I may even skip church!
I am awaiting a large order of fragrance oils so I am waiting for them to make more soap. But I do have some body butters that I want to make so that will be my projects this weekend. Smellit - those bags rock!!!! k
thanks Gallerygirl....everyone is sounding great so far.

Paul I think your making what we call CPHP
Crock Pot Hot Process Soap

I made HP for half the years of making soap and then went back to CP soaping.
I've started my soap making with CPHP, and it seems to work fine for me, the only problem is getting a nice colour/swirly thing going on! I made my first CP today, and it was all getting on a bit fast, I hope it turns out OK, I'll have a peek tomorrow, as it is wrapped up nice and toasty right now!
smellitlikeitis said:
thanks Gallerygirl....everyone is sounding great so far.

Paul I think your making what we call CPHP
Crock Pot Hot Process Soap

I made HP for half the years of making soap and then went back to CP soaping.

Yup, that is what is is Shannan. :) I have read and call it Direct Heat Hot Process. I use my ole Presto Pot sat on 200 degrees to cook it. I like the process pretty well. I just made a batch of DHHP Green Irish Tweed. I'll post pix in the right area. It turned out just as I wanted it to, nt soap ferries today in the house. TG! :lol:

This weekend was dedicated to home improvement projects so I had to trade in my soap pot for the crockpot. I made a great low fat chili though. It was hot and spicy, perfect for this cold, wet weekend.
I have 3 wolf costumes to make for the next children's theatre production.
I played with MP soap! been a while since i've done it and i was trying out the fancy scmancy molds....after 3 attempts they started looking good! in my defense i started with the MOST intricate mold i had....
smellitlikeitis said:
Well it's the weekend again. I am awaiting some soap molds to arrive which will be here next week, so still no soap.

I have gotten a package together for Mother's Day

1 Bar Soap
Perfume Spray
Body Butter
Bath Bomb
1 Lotion

This will come in a chocolate box with a blue ribbon (my business colors)
and this tote.

OMG those are so cute!

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