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I am doing a soap pot week.. since I missed the weekend LOL

Well I have my labeling crew from out of town.. they been up just about over night labeling all of my soaps for me... gotta love the family :lol: My mom, Aunt and little cousin.

They spent the night, and will be going home this late afternoon. Meanwhile I started making soap today.

I already know my Tuscan Lace is Lye heavy simply because I mismeasured my oils.. I used 2lbs of oils to a recipe that is used for a 4lb batch.. (opps!)

I am now making OMH, natural... with goat's milk at trace (wish me luck) and will be making a restock of my Pipe of Grandpa Cox.

A Dead Sea Mud bar, is last.

I will then start on the whipped shea's this evening, with the cupcakes.

Sunday I will work on the foot balms.. I should be done by Wednesday. The new soap will be staying home waiting for the December shows.

I leave on Thursday evening and will be back Sunday.

So what is everyone else doings this week?
Now that Halloween is out of the way, I'm diving head into Christmas. My first batches are going to be warm brown sugar & vanilla, peppermint vanilla and cinnamon roll.

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