Soap like this, how?

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Jun 22, 2022
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Hi Lovely soapers,

Would anybody by any chance know how to make a soap with this pattern. Is the blue part an embed, painted on..or are there any moulds for this?
It would be really cool. Am also wondering are there any particular soap rim moulds. So you could only make a rim, instead of having to use soap dough or having to cut a thin layer with a cheese slicer..or use a cookie sheet.
Any ideas?
Thank you
I think I know the answer, embeds.
Thanks again🪬🔅🪬


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Yes exactly.
It would be the best depth I think.

Thank you for your helpful tips!

About your link. I looked them up and they’re in the UK on Etsy too so that’s quite helpful.
Thank you Obsidian
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Thanks Obsidian.
It may take a while, because am working nights but sure will post it here when it’s done and decent🤣🤣😊
Yep...embeds, then placed in a slab mold.

I kind of like that honeycomb mold over column mold just for easy of use when making the embeds, but it seems the 'honeycomb' part would be problematic when it comes to pouring in the white soap. You would need to plane the 'honeycomb' flat so it would depend on how deep the mold is to end up with a 1" - 1 1/4" finished bar.
Yeah, I was thinking of that too. Or turn it around in a very thin layer of soap, being careful it won’t swim away of course🤣it could make a good glue too.
My mould has around 6cm depth and would be intending to fill it half way up I think. The idea is nice with the contrasting colours. That oldish blue that you see in 1930s reproduction movies. Or old pictures. Love it!


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