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  1. Putzii

    Soap like this, how?

    Hi Lovely soapers, Would anybody by any chance know how to make a soap with this pattern. Is the blue part an embed, painted on..or are there any moulds for this? It would be really cool. Am also wondering are there any particular soap rim moulds. So you could only make a rim, instead of having...
  2. Techie Joe

    Han Solo frozen in Carbonite - Star Wars moulds

    Is that the perfect soap bar design or what? The moulds are all around 6 inches wide which I estimate would make the small Han Solo bars just under 2" long x 1" wide x 1/2" thick I paid €2.26 and free postage from China 7 types available, made for making...
  3. S

    Silly question?!!!

    Has anyone used a silicone liner in a cardboard frame or outer for their soap before? I have found a good source for excellent silicone liners but I want to keep costs down so I was thinking of fashioning some cardboard frames/supports until I can afford to make some wooden ones. Silly...