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Oct 14, 2015
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First of all I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016! I couldn't be more happy than this! Thank you everybody! You guys are the best in the world! I've been using my handmade soap eversince I found this treasure forum. My skin is loving it and I hope it will behave the same way forever. :)

People are noticing the changes and keep asking me what I've done to my skin? I told them the truth and gifted them few bars of my soaps. I've gotten positive feedbacks from my friends as well. They noticed the vast differences between commercially made soaps and handmade (CP/HP) soaps. I guess sometimes synthetic just couldn't top natural.

Once again, thank you guys, so much. Keep up the good work. Spread the love and knowledge. Peace. (Please forgive me if there's any grammatical mistakes, English is my second language).
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too, mymy! Your English is perfectly understandable to me. :thumbup:

IrishLass :)
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