Soap and lining pulling away from mold


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Jul 27, 2014
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Hi fellow soapers,

With interest I have read a lot of topics and all the information has really helped me to start out with soaping approximately 2,5 years ago. Afterone year I was happy with my base recipe which I have since used a lot of times without problems.

I am using a wooden mold with silicone lining and I soap at a temperature of 40C/104F. After I pour the soap into the molds I gently wrap it with a thin towel just to make them cool down more consistent. I have used the same recipe consistently all year around in winter and summer and have never notices a difference.

Recently I noticed that the soap and lining would pul away from the wooden mold. This started happening with my Dead Sea Mud recipe. I thought it could be as it hardenes quicker (due to the mud) it pulled away. However I have also had this happen with other variations.

Has anyone had this happen and does anyone know how to prevent this? In the picture it's not that bad, I have had worse.

Thanks in advance!

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