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Oct 22, 2013
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What are some simple, good looking swirls that a beginner-swirl-maker could do to start making swirls and build confidence in doing them? I've done a few basic things like layers and two colors swirled with a fork.

I would be using clays and doing CP goat milk soap :)

My favorite is a in the pot swirl but I also like drop swirls, both are simple and are let the soap do what it wants types. You can find videos of both on youtube.

Here are a couple of my in the pot swirls


and some drop swirls

I would also vote for ITP swirl as a good starter. Here are a few examples of batches I made with this method. Sounds like the mold you have is similar to the mold in my pic #2.



My first attempt at a swirl was a 2 color in the pot swirl. I think you can get pretty results most of the time. I also really like the 'Clyde Slide', which is easy to do. A couple of youtube links:


He also does a lot of pretty ITP swirls.

Have fun swirling - your soaping life will never be the same.
I think spoon swirls are even easier than ITP's. For a spoon swirl you can put the soap in the mold any way you want- more-or-less layers, random pour, dropping soap into base or whatever, then you take a spoon and turn the soap over with it. Can make some awesome swirls!


And Celine starts doing the actual swirl at about minute 15 in this video:

Lovely soaps, Obsidian and Doriettefarm!

I'll throw my hat in with ITP being a great swirl for loaf molds. They are among my favorite to do. I can always run a chopstick in them if my FO thickened up a lot, and I'm worried there will not be enough movement. I love cutting them since it's always a surprise inside.

For slab molds, I like to do long drop swirls and swirl with a chopstick.
I'm with newbie on this one. As someone who's definitely swirl challenged, I've had the best results with the spoon swirl, also called the "Celine swirl." I've tried in the pot, and in the mold, with so so results, but it was really hit and miss for me. I found the spoon swirl much simpler to do, and the results, better and more consistent. Here's a link to the cutting of the ultra violet soap, so you can see the kind of swirls she gets with this method. Everyone's different and it's good to try some different techniques to find where your strengths lie. Good luck!
I mainly use 1L milk cartons for molds, and I like in-the-pot swirls. I also divide the milk carton in half vertically with a piece of cardboard, pour one colour on each side, and then twist that while pulling it out. Not sure if there's a "technical" name for that kind of swirl :)
I really liked the drop and skewer swirl that lionprincess demonstrated for the monthly soap challenge. It was really easy to do and resulted in a huge range of different patterns.

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