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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
Ok, so I was going through my soap and taking inventory and the likes yesterday. A few of the bars have no smell to them, like the FO nearly faded away!!! So I cut them in half and laid them in my "home use" box.

When I cut them, I noticed the inside of the bars still smelled vibrant and strong! These are bars that have been curing for about 7 to 8 weeks, so they arent newly made or anything. I put one of the soaps at the sink, and the first couple of times washing my hands with it you couldn't really smell it...But by the time I used it a third time, I could smell the soap and it left the FO scent on my hands! When I walk by the kitchen, I can smell the soap in passing!!!

What happened? Why are the outsides like "shells" keeping the scent in?? If someone picked up the bar to smell it they would think it was very lightly scented, but after using in once it would smell great!! :? :? :?
Hi Lane!

I have seen this a lot. I believe it's because the outside is exposed to the air and oxygen and "oxidizes" or leaches out. The inside not being exposed to air is able to hold it's scent.

Why some FOs do this and others don't is the mystery. It could be the recipe too. Hard to say.
I'm thinking about leaving them in loaf form and cutting them as I sell them now... But I hear they take FOREVER to cure like that...

I'm also in Las Vegas and the air is DRY here. I'm thinking the outside just dries out so much fatser than the middle, it is causing this "shell" :(